ACIA Aero Leasing group (ACIA Aero) provides aircraft leasing and lease management services to airlines and aircraft investors worldwide. ACIA Aero focuses on the regional aircraft market, a niche segment within the aviation industry.

Our dedicated team of regional aviation and aircraft leasing experts together with our industry leading suite of regional aircraft products ensures that we are best positioned to provide the optimum leasing solution for your regional aircraft requirements.

Leasing options and finance solutions

We offer our clients three aircraft leasing solutions:

  • Sale and Leasebacks
  • Finance Leases
  • Operating Leases

In contrast to buying an aircraft, leasing provides major benefits to our airline customers including: eliminating exposure to aircraft residual value risk and reducing substantial capital investments for aircraft acquisitions. It also enables airlines to concentrate on their core business, fleet operations, rather than aircraft ownership. Our dedicated team also focuses on trading aircraft and phasing out aircraft at the end of their life. ACIA Aero is committed to selecting and implementing the most fitting fleet solution for your business needs.


ACIA Aero provides aircraft owners, financiers and investors with all asset services necessary to manage an aircraft portfolio. We take over the complete process from assessing marketing opportunities to negotiating lease documentation, preparing the aircraft for delivery and managing the lease during the contract period.

We offer our services as a package or stand-alone, for single aircraft or an entire portfolio:

  • Remarketing, Purchasing and Selling
  • Technical Management
  • Contract Management
  • Financial Engineering
  • Securitization Services


Many companies find it more advantageous to purchase aircraft rather than to create a lease arrangement. However, should their objectives change, aircraft owners can become lessees through a sale-leaseback arrangement.

If you’re looking to free up capital and increase fleet flexibility , a sale and leaseback with ACIA Aero would be an option. Our Marketing representatives work directly with technical associates to provide you with a package best suited to your needs.

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