Large Cargo Door (“LCDT”) and Structural Tube (“STTB”) installation specialist for
ATR Pax-to-Freight Conversions

IPR Conversions (Switzerland) Limited (“IPRC”) is based in Zug, Switzerland and is the legal owner of the Supplemental Type Certificates (‘STC’) which is approved by EASA and validated by FAA (USA) and TCAA (Canada) for the Large Cargo Door (“LCDT) and Structural Tube (“STTB”) conversions applicable to the entire ATR 42 and ATR 72 family types  (-201, -202, -212, -212A (500 series)). The STC was purchased in August 2016 from Alenia (now Leonardo) – the Italian manufacturer and partner of ATR.

IPRC is a 100% subsidiary company of the ACIA Aero Capital group of companies.

IPRC works closely with its sister company ACIA Aero Technics Conversions & Leasing based in Toulouse, France which facilitates the LCDT kit compilation and assists MRO’s and customers with the conversions and liaises with the appointed DOA (PMV Engineering of Montauban, France).

Please refer to for full details on IPR Conversions (Switzerland) Limited and the ATR Large Cargo Door and Structural Tube pax to freighter (P-2-F) conversions.

STC approved by:


STC approved by:


Large Cargo Door (“LCD-T”): 

Key attributes are:

  • 2.94m x 1.8 m (116” x 71”) door - is a 272% larger door opening compared to standard door of 1.27m x 1.53 m (50” x 60”) door;
  • 110° door opening with a 1.05m still height (41”);
  • Hydraulically actuated door (extremely reliable, with no in-service issues since the very first aircraft converted);
  • 9g forward net cargo barrier: cargo hold safety system, with complete flexibility on where to install the vertical nets anywhere along the zones 1 through 7 of the cargo compartment and easily adapt to the specific freight being transported;
  • Integrated auxiliary door to allow crew access on loaded aircraft;
  • All the rotables and many standard parts used on the Conversion are common with the ATR pax aircraft such as, valves, smoke detectors, switches, relays, seat tracks, floor beams;

With an LCD-T conversion:

  • the standard ATR front cargo door is removed;
  • significant portions of frames 14 to 20 are removed;
  • surrounding area of these frames are significantly reinforced;
  • allows the installation of the new much larger Large Cargo Door (“LCD”).
  • wide cross section of the tube conversion together with the new LCD - makes the ATR72 the premier feeder aircraft for freight operators;
  • integrated solution in the 5-9 tons market;
  • complements larger B737 / A321 cargo aircraft operations
  • The new LCD door is operated by an integrated hydraulic system;
  • The new LCD door allows you loading of large, oversized single piece cargo often carried by Oil & Gas, Mining and Automotive industries.

LCD-T conversion generally selected when a fully “palletized” operation is needed;

STTB conversion selected if pallets or oversized cargo and containers are not required

(one can see the clear advantage and difference in the LCD compared to the original OEM door to the right [showing an approximation of the new LCD])


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